The main goal: extending the human life to 125 years and improving its quality

Secondary, but not less important goals for the next 7-year period, will be not only the maintenance and development of the technical and operational efficiency of the company, but our main focus will be on customer service. A number of innovative measures and projects are planned, which are expected to:

  • Improve and increase the awareness of our customers about the various aspects of the company's work;

  • Provide more accurate and detailed information about our products, their benefits and beneficial effects on each human body, regardless of age;

  • Facilitate our customers' access to the full range of services the company offers or plans to offer in the future;

  • Create an overall feeling in our customers that they receive quality and really working service from one modern, innovative company, which applies modern and effective methods for improving human health and protecting against early body atrophy;

As it was emphasized, in addition to operational and technical efficiency, a major focus will be placed on customer service. In the formation of cabinets in which with the appropriate equipment, the graduated medical representatives of our company to measure the introduced index, named by Us index "Life", by providing activities for increasing the awareness of the clients, expanding the services and optimizing the software and the equipment "Life" Index measuring'; increasing the efficiency of the service centers, constantly improving the functionality of the existing software and introducing new ones as well. In this regard, the company envisages implementing ISO 9001 quality system in the scope of customer service activities. In order to increase the efficiency of the processes and to develop a two-way mobile comunication with each client, we integrate the entire database from our measurements with our devices for each of our clients with the introduction of a localization system for collaboration with health services in the relevant areas and countries of the client's home. The company also envisages the introduction of an overall system for integrated resource planning, which will cover the activities of the main structural units in the company and its subsidiaries.

You can see the full details in „Stages of Development“