First Steps

First Steps

The extension of human lifespan and the improvement of its quality are a combination of factors. To achieve the best result, you must take the following steps:

1. By registering on the site you will receive a password that you can save on your computer, phone or other device / it will be necessary for you in the future because we will send data about your Longevity Index.

2. If you do not have the opportunity to register in person, you can contact consultant on our national telephone +359 700 500 11. There one of our employees will complete the registration for you.

3. Registration information / independently in writing or by phone /.

Contact Details: Country; District; Town; Address where you live; E-mail if you have one; Phone number.

Information about you: Height, Years, Weight, Marital status, Current serious illnesses, Serious illnesses in your past, Your health status at the moment, Current photo: Full height: profile / full face; face profile / full face.

This is information that is intended solely for you and for your benefit so that we can recommend the most suitable products for you and their best dosage. AND ALSO TO FOLLOW YOUR OPINION, REVIEWS AND COMMENTS.

4.1. Online consultation with one of our doctors / if you think this is necessary or you have some concerns about any of our products /.

4.2. Consultation and examination performed by our doctor / at the moment this service will be available only in Stara Zagora, and within a few months all over Bulgaria and many European cities.

The doctor examination service is paid between 50-100 BGN. A physical examination with equipment, research, and lab analysis to determine what the proper dosage to prolong your lifespan is and whether there is a malfunctioning system in the body that can hinder your life from being extended. The price is set at place and ranges from 250 to 400 BGN.

We start first and we are one of the first companies to offer life extension and quality improvement.