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Many doctors use our products and strongly recommend them. Do not hesitate to contact them directly and receive our products that are just for you as quickly as possible in order to improve your life and quality. Let's be as vital and active as possible for more than 100 years. Today this is possible with LL Medica.

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LL Medica


Elena Angelova


Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, 113 "General Stoletov" blvd., office: 1
Ph: +359 877 996 817
Ph: +79126717481

D-r Lubomir Vasilev

Medical consultant

Ph: +359 888 932 225
Ph: +359 878 932 225

Okasana Koloianova

Bioenergy therapist

Russia, Sochi
Skype: oksana-ic1

D-r Ognian Tringov

Internal Medicine Specialist

Ph: +359 878 917807

Kiril Dimitrov


Bulgaria, Yambol
Ph: +359 899 156 902

D-r Hristo Popov

Humane doctor

Bulgaria, Burgas
Ph: +359 887 789 671

Safe Cherkez

Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad
Ph: +359 896 053 334

D-r Doycheva

Humane doctor
Psychiatry Specialist

Germany, Berlin
Ph: +359 888 251 433

Olga Karajova

Medical Student

Ph: +359 877 618 463

D-r Radka Peycheva


Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Ph: +359 899 839 968

D-r Viktoria Georgieva


Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Ph: +359 887 750 204