Human life can be extended up to 500 years

With the right lifestyle, one can safely live up to 120 years, and with the use of special technologies - up to 500 years. This is what Bill Maris, CEO of Google Ventures said in an interview with Bloomberg.

In the interview, he talks about the possibilities of innovative research that can increase people's life expectancy.

Google Ventures is committed to investing and promoting startup companies.

"I believe that the avant-garde achievements of medicine and the development of biomechanics will allow one to reach 500 years, says Maris. - We are now investing in startup companies that are engaged in conducting genetics and disease diagnostics research, including cancer. We have the tools that allow us to realize even the most ambitious plans. "

By education, Bill Maris is a neurologist. In recent years, he has been involved in human life extension projects. The company's approach is that, leading a good lifestyle (without bad habits and with regular sports activities), one can live up to 120 years. Then comes new inventions that can extend life practically to infinity. Then the new inventions come to help, which can extend lifespan almost to infinity.

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