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LL Medica Ltd. is a part of Long Life Co.

A scientific company, part of the global research community, we develop and invest in biochemical technology for the sole purpose of:


Due to our program and products you can increase your lifespan and improve its quality. More >>

Laboratory Research

Conducting studies proving the safety of raw materials. More >>

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The life extention and its quality improvement are a combination of factors. To achieve the best result, you must take the following steps. More>>


Extending human lifespan to 125 years and improving its quality. More >>

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Science Department and Certificates

Science Department Director

Prof. Atanas Atanasov

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Research activ

Long Life Corp. JSC research group works as part of an international scientific community that brings together the best scientists to increase the average life expectancy up to 125 years and further / The indicator was first initialized by Google ins /.

Aims of the research laboratories of Long Life Corporation JSC AD:

1. Creating a new type of dietary supplements / medicines based on Bio-extracts that contain bioactive compounds without the dangerous side effects typical of most current medicines.

2. Creating a new type of medicines based on Bio-extracts, which are a pure extract that allows you to take life-extending medicines from an early age.

3. Creating a new type of medicines based on Bio-extracts, which are a pure extract that allows the mother to take them during pregnancy.

4. Within 3 years after the opening of the first high-tech center and laboratory, the company will launch about 85 innovative products. The names and characteristics of the products are confidential until they are registered and patented.

Planned research with the beginning of the stage in high-tech laboratories:

- Analysis of the mechanisms of evolution that model the aging processes

- An analysis of the role that genomic plasticity plays in the body resistance

- Analysis of the mechanisms of resistance of the body to various diseases

- Analysis of the role that genomic plasticity plays in the body resistance

Phases of development

1. In the first phase, initial clinical and pharmacological studies are conducted. Biotransformation studies are being conducted as a mean after single or repeatedly application . Tolerance is monitored and preliminary efficacy studies are carried out. The results of this phase are used to create the initial dosage regimens.

2. The second phase involves clinical research with patients with the experimentally produced agent, under conditions of so-called "Well-controlled studies." In this phase, the effective dose is calculated.

3. The third phase is an extended clinical trial aimed at confirming the effective dose. At the end of this phase, the registration of the medicinal product is carried out.

4. The fourth phase aims to carry out additional clinical studies of dietary supplements in combination with various meddicines.

5. Production of the new bio-product.

6. Placing the bio-product on the market.

Science forums related to:

- Quality of life

- New technologies for home health control

- Medicines and natural remedies (product) that prolong life

- Health Prevention

Participation in scientific forums

Planned participation in congresses, conferences and symposia:

- The 35th International Specialised Symposium on Yeast

- New Approaches and concepts in microbiology EMBO

- Multiomics to mechanisms – Chalanges in data integration EMBO

- Multiomics to mechanisms – Chalanges in data integration EMBO

- Systems Genetics: From Genomes to Complex Traits EMBO



Our Qualified Doctors

Elena Angelova


Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, 113 "General Stoletov" blvd., office: 1
Ph: +359 893 071 557

D-r Lubomir Vasilev

Medical consultant

Ph: +359 888 932 225
Ph: +359 878 932 225

Okasana Koloianova

Bioenergy therapist

Russia, Sochi
Skype: oksana-ic1

D-r Ognian Tringov

Internal Medicine Specialist

Ph: +359 878 917807

Kiril Dimitrov


Bulgaria, Yambol
Ph: +359 899 156 902

D-r Hristo Popov

Humane doctor

Bulgaria, Burgas
Ph: +359 887 789 671

Safe Cherkez

Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad
Ph: +359 896 053 334

D-r Doycheva

Humane doctor
Psychiatry Specialist

Germany, Berlin
Ph: +359 888 251 433

D-r Emiliya Karaslavova


Bulgaria, Plovdiv
Ph: +359 878 651 274

Olga Karajova

Medical Student

Ph: +359 877 618 463

D-r Radka Peycheva


Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Ph: +359 899 839 968

D-r Viktoria Georgieva


Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Ph: +359 887 750 204


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